This is a project to help locate community in these uncertain times.  I’ll be writing and sending letter a day on love for the first hundred days of Trump’s presidency.  When I think about resistance I think about love and the way it requires a place to touch back to over and over. These letters will be to people that I know and don’t know, people alive and dead. They will be sent and they will be shown publicly. It is a research project on how to find love and how to continue to research and understand it. By rigorously exploring love as a principle for locating and fostering community I hope to dive deep into the resiliency, agility, and longevity of movement building as durational practice. 

Love is a practice. We know it more when we spend more time with it. It grows on and in us and our understanding of it deepens. It is not a sentimental force. It is a fierce, life-saving, creative to the core force that is dumbed down by describing it in sentimental terms or thinking that weaponizing it builds it up. This is an invitation, a call to action, a reminder, or a sultry whisper in your ear. As we undergo big change as a people and a world. How do you let love guide your action? How do you share it? Know it? Foster it?